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Since I'm from Germany and my English is far beyond good enough I can't write any fanfics for space wrapped. But I wanted to thank you guys for keeping up the community and for sharing all your amazing McKirk fanfics, arts and stuff. I always loved coming back here. :)

Here's just a little photomanip I made for you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Just in case there is someone who does read german fanfics, you can find my stories at - the nickname is Emony. ;)
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Star Trek: SW09

SW Word Wars

So, hey everyone.
Thought we could get things rolling here so I've set up a chat room at Chatzy. Go here:

The password is jim_and_bones

I'll be around in the afternoon tomorrow. Unless we lose power because Bad Girl Florence is headed our way. We're expecting rain but no wind. That means I'm in the Eastern time zone; I'll try to start up around 2pm EDT.

Let's get our SW things plotted. Or, at least whine about it.
Star Trek: Mistletoe Jim &amp; Bones

Hey, hey, hey!!! It's Space Wrapped time!!

Hey there, everyone! I know it's the dog days of summer and what, you're supposed to think about writing holiday fic or drawing Jim & Bones frolicking in the snow? Or making up a playlist of holiday music? Or think, "Holy crap, the holidays!" Yeah, that's where I am.

It's our 10th freakin' year!! TEN YEARS!! That's like an eternity in fandom, right? And since the comm is kinda dead, weepingnaiad and I are thinking this is it. We're done, and ready to shut up shop. Unless y'all don't want to.

But here's the deal: last year we had only one fic. ONE. And it was a good one, but still. It's indicative of the malaise that has settled over the Jim/Bones ship. Hey, it happens. Ideas dry up; you've moved on to other fandoms; you're just not passionate about our boys. We all get to that point. [My problem is I don't have a new fandom, so I'm still here. But this isn't about me...] So this will be our final fest.

We've always been a low-fuss fest, and we'll go out on that philosophy. We're going to get even more relaxed:
*Please sign up in comments, just a statement of interest in doing something for Space Wrapped.
*Do whatever you'd like: write, draw, playlist, video, etc.
*During the month of December, post whenever you want.

That's it! Just let us know. And my solemn promise is that I'm gonna post this year. Yes, I am.

Star Trek-Christmas Crumudgeon Bones

2017 Fest has ended! Or....has it????

Ah, mon cheries, this year wasn't exactly our best in terms of postings. Perhaps, like me, you too were feeling especially stressed out and tired and unimaginative and unmotivated to create. But again, perhaps, like me, you too are a couple of thousand words into a fic, or most of the way through creating a playlist, or have an outline drawing that you couldn't get colored due to other commitments.

That's okay.

So if you, like me, wish to continue your efforts, we welcome your postings any time. ANY TIME.

Thank you to caitri for posting her wonderful story (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and) All Through the Snowglobe.... Go read it and leave her love & congrats.

Thank you for signing up for Space Wrapped! We'll be back again in 2018 (god willing and the creek don't rise.)

abigail89 & weepingnaiad
Don&#39;t Go where I Can&#39;t Follow
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Fic: All Through the Snowglobe....

Title: (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and) All Through the Snowglobe...
Author: caitri
Rating: PG (Language, Violence, Smoochies)
Pairings: Kirk/McCoy, Jo/OFC, Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Ben, Kitchen/Sink
Word Count: 12,452
Summary: It’s holiday season on the Yorktown as the crew waits for the Enterprise’s refits. Unfortunately, amid crises personal and professional, there’s a lot less mistletoe and good cheer and a lot more...explosions, fistfights, and drama. Jim Kirk and his crew have saved the universe on multiple occasions, but this year can they save….Christmas?
A/N 1. Many many thanks to abigail89 for organizing [community profile] space_wrapped , running Word Wars, and providing incredibly useful feedback and encouragement! Even more thanks to [personal profile] fritz42 for betaing and providing valuable feedback!! I appreciate you both more than words can say.
A/N 2. [personal profile] the_dala asked for a couple of things for [community profile] space_wrapped, and I only provided a couple of bitlets from different prompts, namely everyone having personal crises and a Santa's workshop AU. Somehow my brain went directly to the idea of Jim in an elf costume in a dramatic shoot-out, and everything went downhill from there. So here, have Die Hard in space. Yippee ki yay, motherf***ers!
Disclaimer: I know this may come as a shock, but I am not, amazing as it may seem, Gene Roddenberry, J.J. Abrams, Paramount or Bad Robot.

“It’s bad enough livin’ in a snow globe as is,” Leonard grumbled anxiously to himself as he waited for the aptly-named Kringle to dock, “but did they have to fiddle with the weather controls to rub it in?”
Star Trek-Christmas Crumudgeon Bones


So we're about a month away. You should kinda sorta maybe have a feeling about where your entry is going, and when you may or may not finish.

Sign up for the day you think you want to post. I'll go first. (Uh, maybe) But if you don't finish by your posting day, please keep creating. Post when it's done (and tag your post so we can index it.)

15: abigail89
18: mahmfic
20: sparrowfart
22: arrowinthesky_5
23: caitri
25: weepingnaiad
27: the_dala
28: heavenlyxbodies
31: backrose_17, imachar

Can't wait to see what you've created!!!! All the Jim & Bones love, bbs!
Star Trek: Mistletoe Jim &amp; Bones


I am the WORST fest mod ever.

Or the most laid-back. You choose.

So it's November 1. I hope y'all are making better progress on your Space Wrapped fics than I am. Which is to say NO PROGRESS at all. However, I am a member of ushobwri on DW which is a kick-yer-arse writers' community. Gentle encouragement, especially during November which is National Novel Writing Month. ushobwri is more about getting you to write 10 minutes a day, on whatever you want to write, be it on a fic, a novel, a school essay/research paper, a LJ/DW entry, emails at work, etc. There is some accountability. I'm taking it seriously this year and will post a journal entry most days and try to write on the fic every day for at least 10 minutes.

Doable? Maybe for you. *sigh*

Okay, so let's talk turkey: On November 15 I will post the posting schedule for December. By then you should have at least an inkling as to how it's going. Pick your day, and write like hell for that day. All right?

To facilitate that, I have created a Chatzy room for us here: called "Space Wrapped". If you wanna do some word warring or need some encouragement, please join me starting today. Uh, I have no idea what time, but I'm in the eastern US time zone, and sometime after 9pm. If you need the password it's jim_and_bones

Leave any questions or comments in comment.
Jones Holiday

The prompts post

Here it is--The official Prompts Post!

The rules:
--Prompts needs to be short. Like, one or two words; a short phrase. Anything longer, it becomes a story and you probably should write it yourself.
--I will gather up all the prompts and dump them into a post in about a week.
--Once I post them up in a PromptING post, that's it. There will be no scramble to claim. Take any prompt or prompts that tickle your fancy. I don't need to know about it, but if you would, make note of the prompter(s) and thank them in your notes.

Star Trek: Holidays


I am standing in my kitchen, sweating like the proverbial targ and that's with the A/C on. It's August, and the last thing on my mind is the holidays. I mean, the season doesn't start until November (yes, the holidays begin with the American Thanksgiving--so sue me), and school hasn't even started yet.

But the time is NOW to begin planning the end-of-year writing season, and that means.......
*cue angelic chorus*

Okay, that was too much. But yes, Space Wrapped is back for its 9th year!!! How awesome is that?? Pretty damn awesome because of YOU, you fabulous McKirk/Jim&Bones people, with your wonderful stories and amazing art and lovely musical mixes. It just wouldn't be the holiday without your creative contributions that bring to life our lovely boys.

So, rules. Gotta have 'em. Or, not.
*We are a low-fuss, no-muss affair.
*You write/art/mix. Pick a day to post.
*If you don't finish on your day, that's okay. We know life gets totally nuts at the holidays, and if everything conspires against you to finish, it's okay. No guilt. No nasty emails from us in the middle of the night.
*If you know you aren't going to finish, just let us know.

So here's the calendar:
It's still August 23 where I am. August 24 for all y'all east of me.

Sign ups--just a "YO! I'M-A GONNA WRITE/ART/MIX THIS YEAR" in THIS post. We just want to know who's interested.

We have a list of prompts from years past that we can throw up in another post. If you want to post some prompts, we'll put up a post in early September so y'all can prompt each other.

Then first of November we'll quiz y'all again and see who's actually doing something. You will pick a posting date for some day
in December. You will post on that day.

That's IT!



Questions? spacewrapped @ gmail (dot) com or here. We're available to answer anything you want to ask.

We love you, and we're excited to host the 9th Space Wrapped fest!

Love & Hugs,
abigail89 & weepingnaiad