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Space Wrapped
Counting down the days to Christmas with Jim and Bones...
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15th-Dec-2015 11:22 am - If you post to AO3....
Star Trek: Mistletoe Jim & Bones
We now have a community for this year's Space Wrapped stories on AO3.

When you're doing all the info for your story in the AO3 template, look for "Associations", then under that is "Post to Collections/Challenges". Type in "Space Wrapped 2015", and it will add your story (virtually, not actually) to the collection. This way anyone wanting some Jim & Bones holiday goodness can click that tag and find stories from this, and every past years' Space Wrapped.

thalialunacy and starsingertx, please edit your stories. Thanks!
12th-Dec-2015 08:45 am - fic: 'Worth It' by thalia :D
Brolin (fuzzy_icons)

Title: Worth It
Author/Artist: thalialunacy
Word Count/Medium: 5420
Rating/Warnings: Rated explicit for bumpin uglies. No warnings, except maybe for silliness.
Summary: The one where they have to get presents, Jim almost dies (again), Spock might be meddling, and McCoy grumbles a lot. And then there's sex.
2nd-Dec-2015 06:51 pm - It's Almost Time!!!!
Jones Holiday
So, space_wrappeders, the time drawing nigh for our frivolity to commence! Can you feel it in the air? Are you listening for the pitter-patter of Jim and Bones doing fabulous and holiday-type things together?

I'm so excited!

But, like some of you, I still have work to do. While you're busily beavering away on your creative project, here's a header for you to use:

Word Count/Medium:

Pretty easy, huh? Just enough to let readers/viewers know what goodies await them.

Since I've already had one question about this, I'll re-iterate: Please post to space_wrapped first! You can stash your fic anywhere you want--Your LJ, AO3, etc.--but please put in your metadata a link to this community. We want folks to visit the comm and discover your compatriots' works, too! And, please don't post early. Post it on the day you're supposed to. It's like getting a little gift that we all unwrap together, yes?

Tagging: Please tag yourself along with the rating of your fic or art or whatever. If you aren't there, create a tag for yourself using the model "by: ", "advent 2015", and the rating.

Looking forward to this, bbs! Any questions? Let us know.
abigail89 & weepingnaiad
23rd-Oct-2015 09:22 pm - CLAIM YOUR POSTING DATE!
Star Trek: Mistletoe Jim & Bones
Oh, shit, bbs! We totally got wrapped up in our own dramas and totally forgot to do this post.


Now, this is one thing that is sorta, kinda set in stone. Pick a date, post your fic/art/whatever. So there's one day for everyone.

10: starsingertx
11: anon_be_done
12: thalialunacy
13: weepingnaiad
14: severinne
15: abigail89
16: taverl
17: kawaiikoala34; laipin
18: judybrowneyes54
19: _izu_
20: norfolkdumpling
21: sadie_yuki
22: heavenlyxbodies
23: reaper_of_bones; ken_ichijouji
24: subaru87
25: mahmfic
26: kinderjedi
27: the_dala
28: rakuyoutenshi
29: sail_aweigh
30: imachar
31: seanchaidh

So here's the deal: we're serious about this being a low-fuss fest. Shit happens, life gets in the way--hey, we know. If you find that you cannot post on your date, just drop us a note. No judgment, no scolding will you hear from us. We'll try to post a picture or something, just for everyone's amusement and inspiration.

But just because you can't get it done in time doesn't mean you don't finish. Oh no. You must finish it! Because damn, bbs! We need more Jim/Bones in our lives. Right?

Happy writing/arting/whatevering!
Jones Holiday
It is that time of year again! Time to think about the holidays! And the holidays mean Jim & Bones, Jim & Bones doing things together. It's time for


The low-fuss, low-muss Jim & Bones fic/art/graphics/anything else you can dream up fest! The fest to put you into that good mood at the end of the year.

I know, I know. It's still hot as Vulcan out there how can it be time to think about the holidays? But it is. It’s time to think about writing Jim and Bones. At the holidays. In the snow. In the tropics. Celebrating, not celebrating…. Hey, we’re easy.

The laid back style seems to work, so if it ain't broke, we ain't fixing it. And that means we're still saying, 'Fuck it, do what you want.'

...Well, maybe not THAT casual, so the rules are:

1) There will be no call for prompts, nor a formal claiming of prompts, though we have prompts from yesteryear you MAY claim if you find one that strikes your fancy. Otherwise, you can write whatever you want. Just as long as the focus of your creation is Jim and Bones, and they’re together. AU, Crossover, STID-compliant, ignore STID, holiday, not holiday, whatever stirs your grits.
2) THIS RIGHT HERE is the sign-up post. Just say 'HEY! I’m a-gonna create something for' space_wrapped. Ya know, just to get a feel for how many of you are out there interested in doing this.
3) In October, once you’ve had some time to think about your story and consider your calendar and start negotiating the holiday/New year’s plans with your family (which, yeah, can be as delicate as negotiations with angry Klingons, oy vey BEEN THERE DONE THAT) --oh, let’s see-- how about October 19 we’ll come back at you with the CALENDAR CLAIM, as in, the day in December you agree to post your creation.
4) On your selected day in December YOU WILL POST!

That’s it. That’s how we're doing it again this year.

Any questions? Direct them to spacewrapped@gmail.com

Yo, let's do this!!! SIGN UP!!
21st-Jun-2015 04:57 pm - Christmas Dreams
Title: Christmas Dreams
Author: Rakuyoutenshi
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jim/Bones
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 10k+
Warnings: Slight angst with happy ending.
Summary: It's Jim and Bones' first Christmas as parents aboard the Enterprise. Or... Jim plans a extravagant Christmas for his family until a mission goes horribly wrong.
Notes: Because I'm really bad at this or really good at procrastinating the final chapter is almost six months late. Anyways, the very, very belated 4th chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
6th-Apr-2015 10:41 pm(no subject)
scenes - Coffee
Title: I found a home in your eyes
Author: weepingnaiad
Characters/Pairings: James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov, Montgomery 'Scotty' Scot, Kirk/McCoy
Rating: Hard R
Series/Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Word Count: 8,036 words
Beta: As ever, abigail89 checked this over for me. Thanks, hon! I do fiddle even after posting, so any mistakes are all on me.
Content Advisory: none, really
Summary: On the way to New Vulcan and Spock & Nyota's bonding ceremony, Jim's having a hard time. He's got nosy Vulcan VIP's poking around his ship while his entire bridge crew seems to have bonding fever and he might be a little bit in love with his already bonded Chief Medical Officer and best friend.
A/N: This fills my trope bingo square -- soulbond/soulmates. Title from Bat for Lashes' "Daniel" as suggested by hitlikehammers. Of course she did. Thank you, my own personal title-whisperer.
Disclaimer: These are Paramount and Roddenberry's characters used in the spirit of creative commons. I promise to return them with smiles on.

Read on AO3
4th-Mar-2015 10:26 pm - Christmas Dreams
Title: Christmas Dreams
Author: Rakuyoutenshi
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jim/Bones
Rating: Teen
Word Count: currently at 8k+
Warnings: Slight angst with happy ending.
Summary: It's Jim and Bones' first Christmas as parents aboard the Enterprise. Or... Jim plans a extravagant Christmas for his family until a mission goes horribly wrong.
Notes: The very belated 3rd chapter, the next chapter so be furthcoming.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Urbine Sydney 1
Title: Of Hopes and Fears and Twilight Fantasies Part II
Author: imachar
Rating: NC-17
Series: ST:AOS
Pairing/Characters: Pike/McCoy/Kirk
Word Count: Total ~15,000; This part ~8,600
Disclaimer: If you recognize it, it’s not mine.
Summary: Jim and Chris talk, a lot, and Chris makes Jim wait until Bones comes home before he gets to come.
Warnings: Threesome; discussion of trauma; impotence; orgasm denial; minor angst
Author's notes: This is a month overdue for space_wrapped and is a very, very long overdue sequel for last year's space_wrapped offering which you can find here: Of Hopes and Fears...Part I

Author's Note II: This story would never have seen the light of day without the good offices of my fabulous beta zauzat who smacked me upside the head when she saw the first (terrible) version of it back in August...I'm just sorry it took this long for me to get around to fixing it. In addition I have to thank weepingnaiad and abigail89 for the numerous rounds of word-warring that finally got me to finish up over the last few weeks. Thanks ladies...

Of Hopes and Fears and Twilight Fantasies Part II
11th-Jan-2015 09:29 am - Fic: Coming Home
Title: Coming Home
Author: caera1996
Word Count: 4,512
Rating/Warnings: Rated PG. No warnings.
Summary: For Leonard, Christmas means family. To Jim…not so much. Until Leonard decided to see what he can do about that.
Notes: So, I’m nearly a whole freaking month late, but here it is. This story is a late Christmas present for just_jane_doe. And I’m so sorry to the space_wrapped community and mods for my slow going!

Read "Coming Home"Collapse )

Star Trek: Mistletoe Jim & Bones
Title: Even Unto the Stars
Author: abigail89
Word Count: 7266, part II
Rating/Warnings: This part rated R; Warning: M-Preg: see notes on part I
Summary: Contact with a new member of the Federation has an unexpected effect on Jim Kirk.
Notes: Written for the 2013 & 2014 space_wrapped.
Many, many thanks to the ever-gracious weepingnaiad for her help on this. Al remaining mistakes are my own. YAY! Finished!

Part II on LJ

Part II on AO3
Star Trek: Mistletoe Jim & Bones
Title: Even Unto the Stars
Author: abigail89
Word Count: ~5900, for Part I
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 Warning: M-Preg: see notes
Summary: Contact with a new member of the Federation has an unexpected effect on Jim Kirk.
Notes: See header for the fic

And that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space. ~Kahlil Gibran

At my LJ

At AO3
30th-Dec-2014 11:56 pm - What happens on the holodeck
captain and doctor
Title: What happens in the holodeck
Author: Sally Daer
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jim/Bones
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: We all know that they are not mine.
Word Count: 15 k+
Beta: The amazing alluranna All the remaining mistakes are mine.
Summary: The Enterprise has a brand new holodeck and Bones is spending a lot of time inside. Jim is curious.
25th-Dec-2014 09:38 pm - Christmas Dreams
Title: Christmas Dreams
Author: Rakuyoutenshi
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jim/Bones
Rating: Teen
Word Count: currently at 5k+
Warnings: Slight angst with happy ending.
Summary: It's Jim and Bones' first Christmas as parents aboard the Enterprise. Or... Jim plans a extravagant Christmas for his family until a mission goes horribly wrong.
Notes: Due to horrible planning, the last two chapters are actually only half written.  However, to kick myself into actually finishing it I decided to post the first two chapters now.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Title: At Last
Author: jodipaul
Pairing: James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Sure
Warning(s): None
Words: 4834
Summary: Jim finishes what might turn out to be the most important project of his life.
Notes: Set sometime between the first two movies. A googolplex of thanks to my beta, abigail89.
I noticed there wasn't a post yesterday or today, so abigail89 suggested I could post it early. It's not my intention to step on anyone's toes! I just wanted to share with everyone.
This is my first fic in the McKirk fandom and my first foray into fiction in more than a decade. I hope you like it.

Read it on the AO3 or
HereCollapse )
21st-Dec-2014 10:38 pm - SpaceWrapped - Embracing the Season
Title: Embracing the Season
Author: avirra
Pairing: AU James/Leonard
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Sure
Disclaimer(s) : Crossover fic - Star Trek Reboot/Into the Woods
Words: Approx 1.4K
Summary: It's Leonard's first Christmas in Riverside. What can you give to those you owe everything to?

And Merry Christmas to AllCollapse )
xmas - pike knows if you've been bad
Title: He Knows If You've Been Bad or Good
Artist: norfolkdumpling
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Bones/Kirk or Urbine if you're so inclined (and I am :D)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Criminal overuse of santa hats and lights as per usual
Summary: Someone's been a naughty boy...


View the full sized version here at my graphics comm dumplingdoodles.
18th-Dec-2014 06:04 pm - Fic: Breakfast First (Bones/Kirk)
star wars: artoo side profile
Here's my entry for space_wrapped this year, guys. Happy Holidays!

Title: Breakfast First
Author: mahmfic
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Bones/Kirk
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 457
Warnings: Modern AU. Fluff.
Summary: "Why--why," he fumbled. "Did you do all this?"

The pilot raised an eyebrow. "What? Make breakfast?"

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek AOS.
Read: AO3 | LJ
SPN writers
Title: My Finest Christmastime
Author: heavenlyxbodies
Pairing: Jim/Bones
Rating: PG
Spoilers: nope
Feedback: Makes me happy, just play nice
Disclaimer(s) can be found here (see Fandom(s) I’m Going To Hell For)
Summary: Jim and Bones have a tradition: Christmas consisted of Jim, Bones, a bottle of high-end bourbon, and questionably conceived pizza.

AN1: written for space_wrapped 2014
AN2: So when I started this I had this wonderful idea full of Bones!angst and schmoop, about a paragraph in I must’ve started smoking crack or dropping acid, then it somehow turned into extremely light Jim!angst and a massive helping of schmoop… so, yeah, I have no idea, but there is Jim and Bones and Christmassy stuff and schmoop and of course a happy ending.
AN3: Title is from “Christmas is Here Again” by Roger Whittaker (don’t judge me :P )/lyrics

…still going to special Trekker Hell.
15th-Dec-2014 04:59 pm(no subject)
blankey bb
Title: JimFrost
Artist: laipin
Fandom: AOS
Characters: Jim T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, David McCoy
Rating: G
Notes: Digital, Paint Tool Sai
Warnings: Not that I can think of
Summary:Jack Frost AU. Where Bones grew up with snow boy jim and jim always return every christmas. Bones fell in love with Snow man Jim and eventually wished Jim can stay human and be with him.
A/N: TO BE HONEST...I didn't know where exactly i was going with this but I know i have more for this (in terms of thoughts) and I only drew 2 drawings related to this etc. Since these images will be in a book for my comic last year and several winter illustrations. Mckirk Fancomic Book order form

bby bones snowman jim copy SM
laying flat im psd copy SM
14th-Dec-2014 10:46 am - An Idiot's Guide to Christmas
Title: An Idiot's Guide to Christmas
Author: klmeri
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Rating: PG-13
Characters: McCoy, Kirk & gang
Word Count: 17,067
Warnings: themes of depression, alcoholism and of course Jim Kirk-hijinks
Summary: AU; Grandma got run over by a reindeer because, sorry, Santa was drunk. Or, in other words, Christmas isn't the jolliest time of year for one Santa Claus in particular. During his holiday gig, Leonard is plagued by someone who has the appearance of a grown-up but is in reality the world's most annoying kid. He wants Leonard to explain why Christmas is about celebration, which is an answer Leonard doesn't have to give.
A/N: Written for space_wrapped; based on the prompt: McCoy is a department store Santa, and not a very good one. To make matters worse, some snot-nosed adult starts coming through the Santa line and trying to sit on his lap.
This story is not what you might expect. I started with an idea, then decided halfway through that the plot was less important than the characters. The endgame became how to bring the crew together as a band of misfits that we all know and love. There are funny moments and not-so-funny ones, too. Oh, and Santa Claus. :) I hope you enjoy it!

Read at AO3 or here:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
13th-Dec-2014 06:36 pm - Space Wrapped has begun!!
Star Trek: Holidays
It's now December 13 and space_wrapped is officially open!!

Is it?

So, we don't have any works yet, and you know what? That's okay! We know life has a way of getting in the way of writing/arting. We know shit happens. Hell, I didn't even finish my story last year, and I'm a mod! My life spiraled out of control during the holidays, and poof! There went all my free time and my posting date came and went, and that was that.

space_wrapped truly is the no fuss, low-muss fix community. We understand life gets in the way, and the holidays can explode with family and work drama that drains every last bit of time and joy from you. We get that.

If it looks like you're not going to finish your work by your posting date, please drop us a note at spacewrapped@gmail.com so that we'll know. No excuses needed; we just wanna know. However, we want you to finish. YES WE DO! Because the world needs more Jim & Bones luv, always. And if you do finish, just post it! We will all read it with relish. Trust me.

Also, if you need a beta reader, let us know that, too. We might be able to help you out there.

We all look forward to your stories and your art--whenever you post.

Happy Holidays!
abigail89, weepingnaiad & sangueuk
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