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Space Wrapped
Counting down the days to Christmas with Jim and Bones...
Crystal Lights and Far Off Lights - heavenlyxbodies 
22nd-Dec-2015 07:30 pm
Karl Christmas
Title: Crystal Lights and Far Off Nights
Author: heavenlyxbodies
Word Count: 3500+ a smidgen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim had always had a hands on approach when it came to the ship’s Christmas celebrations, this year though, he was having trouble focusing. The problem came down, quite simply, to one thing, or one person, rather. It had taken him almost five years to realize he was in love with his best-friend, another two to even consider acting on it.

…of course, the command staff may have been a little help with that last part.

AN1: written for space_wrapped 2015
AN2: Yes, I admit it, the title is a twisted ‘round line from Roger Whittaker’s Country Christmas.
24th-Dec-2015 11:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, such a lovely, lovely story. The two of them so worried that the other didn't feel the same. Thank goodness for the meddling command staff. I loved the whole constellation lights on the ceiling.

Thanks for sharing this with us! It made my Christmas Eve night.

27th-Dec-2015 04:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! I just love the idea of them under a night sky and you know that family of theirs would do anything to make sure they will be happy.
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