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Space Wrapped
Counting down the days to Christmas with Jim and Bones...
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star wars: artoo side profile
Title: Silent Night for the Violin
Author: mahmfic
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kirk/Bones
Rating: PG (for once curse word)
Word Count: approx. 280
Warnings: Fluff. Just fluff.
Summary: Leonard and Jim recieve a video of Joanna's school concert.
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek AOS.

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27th-Dec-2016 10:44 pm - Story: Longing to be told
Bones side profile

Author: blcwriter
Rating:  PG-13 for homophobic & racist slurs
Prompt/Summary:  Home for the holidays in Georgia, and Leonard's mother hates Jim.  They make it work anyway.
Warnings:  Homophobic, anti-semitic language, general family unpleasantness, too many food descriptions, random tourist facts about Savannah, GA.

This is an accidental sequel to my modern restaurant AU, The Taste of All in It, a modern restaurant AU. Link to AO3 here.

Title: Do You Wanna Build a Snowma - Dammit, Jim, No I don't!
Author: Pherryt (A03 or Tumblr) / tuberatn (LJ)
Word Count: 5124
Rating: Teen and Up
Warning: None
Leonard McCoy wasn't entirely sure how he'd been roped into this, but here he was building a snowman on some random planet because the Captain thought they could all use a morale booster.

By the time they're done making their snowman, Leonard no longer begrudged the Captain for insisting on this particular activity.


How Bones’ First Snowman Leads to McKirk

NOte My second (final) entry! Enjoy! I am almost late to work! (they changed our hours for the day last minute...ugh)


Got Paper
Title: Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, Not a Ghostbuster
Author: Pherryt (A03 or Tumblr) / tuberatn (LJ)
Word Count: 3232
Rating: General
Warning: None
Summary: Mistletoe keeps following the Doctor everywhere on the Enterprise and he's getting sick and tired of it. He hasn't quite caught on to where it's coming from or what the pattern is but his refusal to just kiss his Captain already is putting a serious crimp in the plans of a couple of really invested ghosts...not to mention hurting the captain...

Notes: This is the first of two prompts. I have to add something to the end of the other one and it should be good to go. (It's been so long since I've used LJ I've forgotten how to use the LJ user icon system, sorry!)

Oh - and I did make a reference in this story to another ST story I wrote...but probably no one will catch it, I'm a fairly new writer...*shrugs*

19th-Dec-2016 12:19 am - Fic: And the Star Said
Title: And the Star Said
Pairing: Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Characters: Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Joanna McCoy
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own any recognisable characters .... they all belong to Gene Roddenberry
Summary: Jim Kirk, kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, adores all of his children but he has a special fondness for late arrival Joanna McCoy. And then he met her father.
Authors Note: As always, massive thanks to nursedarry for her excellent beta skills and thanks to the mods for hosting space_wrapped ... it's my first time participating but I've loved it. Slightly late but just sneaking in - it's still the 18th somewhere in the world!

On LJ | On AO3
18th-Dec-2016 06:26 pm - You Give Me Feelings I Adore
Title: You Give Me Feelings I Adore
Author: arrowinthesky_5
Word Count: 20K
Rating: PG-13 (for some smut)
Warning: None
Prompt: I forget the exact wording, but the basic idea is that Jim and Bones lack gift-wrapping skills.
Summary: Jim has a plan, her dad has no clue, and Joanna knows twice as much as they do. Starting with the fact that her dad and Jim are so in love that they can't make heads or tails of the wrapping paper and the tape dispenser Nana has on hand. They're too busy making eyes at each other. Unbelievable. They can run a ship together, but wrapping gifts? That's another story. Still, Joanna will always say it was a good thing she'd stepped up to help them. And, with a shared affection in their eyes, they will always agree.
Notes: I'm obviously partial to long summaries! Writing a fic that is mostly fluff is totally new for me, but it has been a nice change. I had to restrain myself from adding angst. Several times. :D Split into two parts, b/c the story got away from me.

This story is loosely based on my WIP, And if I Stand Next to You, but it's not necessary to be reading that story to understand this one. I promise. I hope you enjoy the read. Small spoiler, that's not really a spoiler because you find out from the get-go: this fic is about making a certain kind of commitment. ;)

Karl & Chris--Santa karl
And can I tell you I am so relieved I finished on time this year? Yes, I am.

Housekeeping rules:
*Use whatever header/metadata info you want, but please do use a header of some sort (see mine for an example)
*Tagging! Yes, please tag with "advent 2016", a rating, and an author tag. If you don't have a personal tag, create one for yourself using "by:(space)(your name)" We want visitors to find your work!!!
*If you know you're not going to make your posting date, and that's okay, just drop us a note at spacewrapped (at) gmail(dot)com. We have a couple who have created double entries and we may be able to fill in your spot that day.
* Please DO KEEP CREATING!!! We allow posting all year long, so don't give up. The holiday season extends to January 6, and Chanukah is sort of late this year (Dec 24-31), so there's still time to post during the "official" holiday season. . :D

Are we in the holiday spirit yet?
Star Trek-Christmas Crumudgeon Bones
Title: Observing the Traditions
Author: abigail89
Word count: 6830
Rating: PG for mild language.
Warning: Nothing. Nada. Nope.
Prompt: “Jim attempts to make Leo’s grandmother’s Christmas cake. Not only is it a disaster, but the only copy of it gets destroyed in the process.”
Summary: Jim & Leo make it back to Starbase 5 where Joanna and her family are settled. It’s the first visit after the births of David Kirk-McCoy and Joanna’s daughter, Leah.
Notes: Many thanks to my brain twin weepingnaiad for the super-fast beta job. Any remaining mistakes are mine alone. It’s my fault there’s a distinct lack of smut. *smut-fail*

Though set in The Shotgun Proposal ‘verse, you do not have to read those stories to understand this. The short summary: Jim & Bones are nearing the end of their active mission careers; their son, David, was conceived after an encounter with an alien culture and born on Christmas Day, the same day as Bones’s granddaughter; it’s five years later.

LJ || AO3
5th-Dec-2016 08:10 am - One Week!
Karl & Chris--Santa karl
In one (1) week, we begin posting.

I'm the first one. Is my fic done? Nooooo, it's not. Am I going to finish it? I'm sure gonna try.

Any questions, comments, confessions, rants? We're here for you.

1st-Oct-2016 07:50 pm - This is the POSTING POST!!!
Bridge Snowing
Alll-righty, then! It looks like the prompts are being considered and sorted. So now what remains is to sign up for a posting date, the day you will post your work for the world to enjoy.

If you haven't officially joined the comm, do it now. We don't post for you. Hell, you know how this works; no need for us to do it.

You may post your work here, on your LJ, and/or on another site, such as AO3. There is a tag for "spacewrapped 2016" on AO3. Please add that to your metadata.

One final rule--We don't have many, but this one is paramount, so let's make it clear--This is a Jim/Bones comm and a Jim/Bones fest. We don't care if they're BFF's, lovers, brothers, or colleagues, but their relationship should be the primary one depicted in your work. If you have any questions about that, email us for clarification.

If you find you cannot post on your selected date, that's okay. Good lord, we know life can implode during the holidays. Been there, done that, got the mental scars to show for it. But please email us at spacewrapped @ gmail (.) com just to let us know. And if you find you can finish it, please post! Also, we want to have at least one work per day. There are 21 days on our calendar and about....26 of you, so there will be some multiple works on a few days, especially if you post later than your claimed date. Again, it's okay. Just let us know.

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27th-Sep-2016 09:52 pm - Claim your prompt (if you need one!)
Jones Holiday
So, okay, I said we'd take prompts until tomorrow. But dang, y'all came up with 60 of them! Sixty!! There's only about 22 of us writing/arting.

Here's how it works:
--Read through the prompts
--Think about the prompts
--Select a prompt
--Tell us in comments. Comments are open, everyone can see. Just so you can see what's being claimed. Hey, if you want to write or art a prompt that's already been claimed for fic or art, go for it. We know you'll come up with something unique. But if you don't want to share, then hey, now you know. Find another.

In a couple of days, we're gonna set up the claim-a-date-to-post entry so you can sign up for a day to post. Check your calendar, see what your schedule looks like. We'll be posting December 12-January 1, or thereabouts.

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Any questions? Let us know!
9th-Sep-2016 04:08 pm - PROMPTS!!! We want 'em!!
Bridge Snowing
Did ya ever think to yourself, "Self, I wanna write a fic for space_wrapped but I just know what I wanna. Have you ever had enough time to sit put together brain and go to the computer wanting to create a graphic for space_wrapped but just didn't have a clue what to do, so that the blank screen just sits there and mocks you?

Yeah. Me, too. Except it happens on a daily basis.

So let's help each other out. In comments, leave a prompt. A prompt can be a word or a couple of words, a brief sentence or two. Just enough to create a buzz in the brain, enough to tickle a fancy. (Beyond that and it becomes a full-blown idea and you should take it up and run with it yourself.) Give us something to get the creative juices flowing so that someone can look up from the blank screen and go, "OMG! That's it!!!"

It's the weekend, and I'm sure you all have copious free time. Write down some prompts and maybe you'll even get inspired.

We'll take 'em until September 28. I'll compile them into one post and y'all can peruse them at your leisure.
6th-Sep-2016 11:07 pm - Announcing the 2016 Fest!
Jones Holiday
Well, once again, we are a day late and more than a few credits short, but there will be a 2016 Space Wrapped Holiday Fest!!!!

As it has been in the past, this is your low-stress holiday fest:

* You aren't writing for anyone except yourself (well, except for everyone who reads it. But you're not assigned to anyone)
* You aren't even require to post, though we really really really want you to.
* If life around you implodes, as life does during the holidays, we don't come after you in the night with a pitchfork.

Here are the details:

--From now until September 20, think about if you want to participate. Leave us a comment so we know someone out there is interested.
--Starting in the next few days, we'll throw up a post for PROMPTS. Yeah, we haven't done them for a few years, but we figure y'all might want some inspiration. We'll take prompts until September 28.
--One of us will compile the prompts, and y'all can claim them. We don't care if 10 of you write or art the same prompt, because frankly, that'll be 10 different pieces.
--Starting September 20 you will sign up for a posting date (depending on how many of y'all leave us some sort of sign you're interested), which will be mid-December to January 1. We'll close the posting time on October 1.

That gives you about 2.5 months to create!!!

Any questions? Leave it in comments or send it to us at {spacewrapped @ gmail . com}
15th-Aug-2016 11:17 pm - Fic search + icons
star wars: artoo side profile

I hope it is okay if I post this here. Wasn't sure where else to post. If it is not okay, mods you can take it down.

First, I just want icons of Jim and Bones. Not sure where any are. Help?

I am in search for two different Bones/Jim fics. I think they were written by the same person. Username might have started with I.

In one, for some reason, maybe diplomats are coming to visit or something, but Jim proposes that he and Bones be in a fake relationship. I remember there was a scene at the cafeteria. I think Spock was skeptical of the true nature of their relationship. I think they fake came out to the crew. I know it isn't much to go on.

The second one was set pre first movie. Jim and Bones are still students. I think it started out with Bones seeing Jim having sex with a girl in the bathroom of a bar. Jim has a motorcycle he calls Jess or Jesse. They make out and have sex on the bike. Lots of sexual tension. I seem to remember had a sequel too about them navigating their way through their relationship.

I think one of the fics had a public sex scene at a gym. Kirk had been helping Chekhov with skills when Bones comes in. They end up having sex on the gym mat. I think Bones freaked out about it afterwards.

Both were written before Into Darkness came out.

I have no clue if they were on AO3, but I know they were on LJ. Both are multi-chaptered.

Thanks for your help, guys!

ETA: Both are found! Two Men and a Motorbike and Playing Pretend by inell! Thank you so much heavenlyxbodies! You are so awesome.

22nd-Jun-2016 12:01 am - The Longest Night
Title: The Longest Night
Author/Artist: Rakuyoutenshi
Word Count/Medium: 6000+
Rating/Warnings: M
Summary: When a gripping and unknown illness outbreaks on the Enterprise, Jim and Bones are faced with one of the hardest and darkest hours of their lives.
Notes: Sorry for the long delay. Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long.

It is on AO3.

Chaper One

Chaper Two

Chaper Three

Chaper Four

Chapter Five
Title: Colour of the Glass (and the Foolish Games You play)
Author/Artist: anon_be_done
Word Count/Medium: uhm, no idea
Rating/Warnings: T
Summary: James T. Kirk doesn’t do subtle; everyone knows that. Jim Kirk is the one who would stomp over everything; loud and brash, bold and daring, quick to point things out and call attention to them. Only Leonard McCoy knows that Jim Kirk can be subtle, and there are times he most certainly is. A pity that Leonard decided to play games with Jim's feelings only a blue coloured glass can end. And not a moment too soon.
Notes: Written as a fill for an old prompt over at st_xi_kink meme, since I really had no idea what to write about. Also, late as heck, because I suck (and am clumsy at work, how disasterous can it be, orly?)

Part One
28th-Dec-2015 01:28 pm - The Longest Night
Title: The Longest Night
Author/Artist: Rakuyoutenshi
Word Count/Medium: 5000+
Rating/Warnings: M
Summary: When a gripping and unknown illness outbreaks on the Enterprise, Jim and Bones are faced with one of the hardest and darkest hours of their lives.
Notes: It seems I'm still really bad at this time management thing. To motivate myself to finish this I'm going to post the first few chapters up.

Additionally, I originally wanted to post something sweet and fluffy this year; however, unfortunately this little plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone.

Please enjoy and happy holidays.

It is on AO3.

Chaper One

Chaper Two

Chaper Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five
Karl Christmas
Title: Crystal Lights and Far Off Nights
Author: heavenlyxbodies
Word Count: 3500+ a smidgen
Rating: PG
Summary: Jim had always had a hands on approach when it came to the ship’s Christmas celebrations, this year though, he was having trouble focusing. The problem came down, quite simply, to one thing, or one person, rather. It had taken him almost five years to realize he was in love with his best-friend, another two to even consider acting on it.

…of course, the command staff may have been a little help with that last part.

AN1: written for space_wrapped 2015
AN2: Yes, I admit it, the title is a twisted ‘round line from Roger Whittaker’s Country Christmas.
gaila icon
Title: Pour Some Sugar On Me
Author: sadie_yuki

Word Count: 5136
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Summary: Jim walked onto that shuttle in Riverside with literally the clothes on his back. As his roommate at the Academy, Leonard notices the lack of attire variety soon enough. With his new high paying job at Starfleet Medical, he's more than willing to gift Jim with a few clothing items or any other necessities, but Jim isn't so willing to accept charity. So he offers the only thing he has to give in exchange: sex.

Basically, a story in which Jim tries to convince Bones to be his sugar daddy.

Notes: This story is actually planned out to be much longer, from the beginning of the Academy as you'll see here all the way through and past Christmas (see, we hit the holiday spirit here kinda). I severely overestimated how much energy I would have to write after getting hired to a full time position, so I came up short on my original goal.

But while there's definitely more to come, what you see here can still be considered a full story on its own. If you'd like to read the rest, follow it on AO3! Otherwise, I really hope you enjoy what I have here! :)

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xmas - santa bones
Title: Doctor, not a reindeer
Author/Artist: norfolkdumpling
Word Count/Medium: Wallpaper made in GIMP (because I'm far too cheap for photoshop *g*)
Rating/Warnings: G

Another year, another spaceboy wrapped in fairy lights and forced into wearing antlers. Would it be Christmas without it at this point? *g*

Thanks as ever to weepingnaiad, abigail89 and sangueuk - our fabulous mods, enabling the festive Jim & Bones, Chris & Karl for another year. Tis a noble thing you ladies do! ♥

Last year Jim suffered a little at the hands of Bones, so this time...antler-shaped revenge!


Click the picture to get to the full-sized wallpaper.
20th-Dec-2015 01:12 am - We got us
Title: We Got Us
Author/Artist: _izu_
Medium: photoshop
Rating/Warnings: no warnings expect in case you can't stand to see implied drunkenness
Summary: our boys relaxing somewhere you don't need a coat in December, I guess
Notes: --Because drunken declarations are superfestive, right? Yeees. Yes they are. Even is are a little twisted and broken. Text from the lyrics "Something I need" by OneRepublic

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19th-Dec-2015 12:40 am - Art: Silent Night
latte bb
Title: Silent Night
Artist: Laipin
Word Count/Medium: Digital
Rating/Warnings: G
Summary: Enjoying a silent snow fall night.
Notes: I'm so sorry >< I had some technical issue and family shenanigans, but I manage to get it done. I wanted to draw them kissing at night enjoying a snowy night i guess and make it feel almost like a "Holiday Card" like feel xD.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Title: My True Love Gave to Me
Author: taverl
Rating: G
Word Count: 3,470
Warnings: Fluff with a teeny bit of angst.

Summary: It's their first Christmas together and Jim wants to give Bones a special gift.

Notes: This story is set six months after Nineteen Days: A Tale of Coffee, Love and Baseball (not necessarily in that order)

The series is set in present-day San Francisco where our heroes met when Leonard was working at coffeehouse before starting med school. Jim's an engineering student who has been deaf since birth. While it isn't necessary to read that to understand this story, it might be helpful to read the one that directly precedes this one: Come and Adore Him.

Read My True Love Gave to Me on AO3.
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